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                  Rapids of the Zambezi river

Rapids of the Zambezi river

  Rapid Number Rapid Name Grade Description
Day 1 1   4/5 Near the base of the Falls, only approachable from Zambia
  2   3 Directly below the bridge. Beware of bungi jumpers!
  3   4 Easily avoidable hole
  4 Morning Glory 4/5 First major rapid
  5 Stairway to Heaven 5 25 ft (8m) drop over 30 ft (10m)
  6 Devil?s Toilet Bowl 4 Short rapid with large whirlpool
  7 Gulliver?s Travels 5 Longest and most technical on Day 1
  8 Midnight Diner 3/5 2 runs available
  9 Commercial Suicide 6 Portage
  10 Gnashing Jaws of Death 4 Easy run before lunch
  11 Overland truck eater 5 Don?t swim on a full stomach!
  12 A,B,C 3 Little Pigs 3/4 Interesting run leading into 13
  13 The Mother 4/5 At its best it?s a huge wave train
  14   3 S bend in the river
  15 Washing Machine 5 Unrunnable in the middle because of a large hole
  16 & 16.5 Terminator 4 Very exciting at high water
  17 The Bitch 5 Unrunnable because of 2 large holes
  18 Oblivion 5 The rapid on the Zambezi. More flips than any other rapid in the world
  19   2/3  
  20   2/3  
  21   2/3  
  22   2/3 Easy runs at the end of the day
  23   2/3  
  24   2/3  
  25   2/3  
Day 2   Open Season 4/5 At a given level, the rapid with the smallest margin for error. At some levels clients walk around it.
    Narrows 1 4 Tricky, powerful “cauldron”
    Narrows 2 4  
    Narrows 3 3/4 Interesting channel run with various options
    Let?s make a deal 2/3 Three channels are available, some of which are a little technical at low water
    Chimamba 2/5 One of the most technical rapids on the river at certain levels
    Upper Moemba 4/5 Mandatory scout to check a tricky sneak run before Lower Moemba
    Lower Moemba 6 No option ? portage
Day 3   Chibongo 6 Commonly known as the dam site (Heaven forbid! Sign up for the International Rivers Network right here) ? long portage
    Ghost Rider 5 The largest rapid on the Zambezi ? huge standing wave for 200 m
    Deep Throat 5 From a width of 1.7 km at Vic Falls, the Zambezi is compressed into a 6 m wide channel. An awesome sight and a portage at some levels.
    Asleep at the wheel 4 The river splits into two channels. The right leads into a waterfall; the left into a runnable rapid. Don?t fall asleep!
    Wave Train 3 Gentle rollercoaster
Days 4 & 5       Lots of flat water with small rapids

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