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View of Dordrecht, Adam Willaerts

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   My Hometown Dordrecht

View of Dordrecht from the mouth of the Noord, 1629.
Adam Willaerts, *1596 – †1656

Adam Willaerts (21 July 1577 – 4 April 1664) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. 

Willaerts (occasionally Willarts, Willers) was born in London to Flemish parents who had fled from Antwerp for religious reasons. By 1585 the family lived in Leiden. From 1597 until his death, Adam lived and died in Utrecht, where he became a member of the Guild of St. Luke in 1611, and subsequently rose to dean in 1620. His sons Cornelis, Abraham, and Isaac followed in his footsteps.
He was known as a painter of river and canal pieces, coastal landscapes, fish-markets, processions, and genre scenes. He also painted villages and marine battle scenes.

View on Dordrecht from the mouth of the Noord. Oil on canvas,*181 x 669.2 cm, *signed b.c.: A.Willarts fe 1629

Video (Dutch spoken text) of the hanging of the painting in the Dordrechts Museum after te renovation of the museum.The Dordrechts Museum is an art museum in Dordrecht, Netherlands. The museum was founded in 1842 and has a collection of artists of the last 400 years.

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