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 About me

CKWebdesign is a small company in Dordrecht
for graphic design and web design.

Cees KloostermanCKWebdesign represents Cees Kloosterman and I work from home, so my business costs are low. Because of this I can offer my services at attractive rates in the field of web design, domain registration, web hosting and graphic design. I was born in 1949 in Dordrecht in 1973 and graduated from the Medical Faculty in Rotterdam with a M.D. as a general practiononer and worked for almost 40 years years in the medical field. But I also always had a broad active creative interest and passion  for painting, drawing, art and graphic design.

Besides the medical profession, I’ve been interested in software / computer programming. It started in the days of the Sinclair ZX-81 and later the Commodore 64. After the PC arrived I bought one of the first Tulip computers and I started programming in QuickBasic (DOS) and later Visual Basic (Windows 95). When the internet became available to the general public (1998), the World Wide Web also seized me.

Fascinated by the unlimited scope of a webpage I immersed myself in HTML, CSS, PHP and CMS sytems. I made my first website for the genealogy of my family and over the years I designed (all still pro bono) various websites for friends. Because more and more people were attracted by the quality of my webdesign I was approached to design more. So I decided to start professionally and started my own company.

On 01-01-2011 I officially launched CKWebdesign and registered my (little) company with the Chamber of Commerce, nr.: 51783304 .

  • If you have questions or are interested in my webdesign, please Contact me.
  • For examples of my webdesign: check out my —> Portfolio