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Hélène and I flew to Seattle, Washington, USA in April 2016
prior to our trip to Hawaï and visited the Boeing Factory in Everett. 

If you a plane geek-gene in you, then this is a must see. The tour starts at the Future of Flight Museum. Not only is the museum of flight amassing, but from there you get to go on the Boeing tour – you get inside, under and above the production halls of the 747,767,777 and 787 and get to drive around the ready made planes. To think that this is where many of the aircraft flying around the world are built, especially the 747, 777, 767 family and now of course, the 787.  The tour is truly amazing and I highly recommend this tour.

This is the factory where the wide-body Boeing 747, 767, 777, and 787 are assembled. Plans for the factory were first announced in 1966 for it to be the site of the construction of the 747 after Boeing was awarded a $525 million contract from Pan American World Airways to build 25 747s. It purchased 780 acres north of the then little-used Paine Field, which was operated by the US Army in World War II. Boeing has had an Everett presence since 1943. In 1968 it began offering factory tours with the first roll out of the 747.[4] Over 150,000 people visit the Everett Site each year. The factory includes a BECU branch and several cafés. Across the airport to the west is The Boeing Store, a theater, and a Future of Flight Aviation Center, which runs the factory tour. The Everett Factory employs over 30,000 people, including its own fire department, security team, daycare center and fitness center.