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Steven G Perkins from Springfield wrote on 5 October 2019:
Beautifully constructed family genealogy website. A person could spend hours examining your information.
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Jesse Julian Winkles from Jackson, Georgia,30233, USA wrote on 18 June 2019:
Hi Cees,
After looking at your site I am just blown away. Best site that I have ever came across.
I am very encouraged about what my family site can be with a lot of work.
Best to you and your wife!
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MaryLou from Jandira wrote on 9 April 2019:
You have among the best web pages.
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Derek from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA wrote on 17 March 2019:
Great topic! keep up the good work!
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Janet Lindeman Fiore from Mantega, California wrote on 22 December 2018:
Cees, I LOVE your site. Although I have been working on my genealogy for 30 years of my 56 I am just now trying to place this huge collection of data online. Your site is everything I wish for mine if I only had your talent! Your family must be so proud of your site accomplishments! My best to you and condolences on the loss of your parents.
My regards, Janet
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Len Daughty from USA wrote on 20 December 2018:
Your site is very informative; I like the imaginative approach you have taken with it. I'm exploring different sites that have used the TNG software, in preparation for starting one of my own. Yours is truly an inspiration!The tradition you have started with your family ringing the bells on holidays is a great idea, too. We live in a much larger town, but it challenges me to start a tradition of some type with my family, as well. Thank you for telling us about yourself and your family.
Len Doughty, Austin, Texas, USA
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Nancy Porter from USA wrote on 3 December 2018:
You have a GREAT site! It's filled with incredible amounts of information. My Dutch ancestors had the surnames of Van Hoesen, Van Schaick, Hallenbeck & Van Noorstrant. They were in the US in the 1600's and I'm quite proud of my Dutch heritage. I also use TNG for my genealogy webpage and continue to look for new ideas. You've done an outstanding job.
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Annie Gauzens from Maryland, USA wrote on 1 December 2018:
Your website is fabulous. I live on Maryland's eastern shore so if you are ever here you and your wife have a place to stay. It's beautiful for cycling and kayaking.
Anthonia Smallegange married a John Baker (Jan Bakker?), also born in Zeeland (Noord-Brabant, Pay-Bas) in 1837. I have not been able to get any farther back on his family. Would you have any suggestions on locations to look? I checked the Zeeland genealogy site...there is a Jan Bekker that might fit, but the person connected with the information had never answered any requests. This is the only line of my lineage that is sparse.
Thanks, Anne
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Rene Simons from USA wrote on 4 November 2018:
WOW! Very Impressive Website! I just created our Family History website and was looking for some ideas and I believe I have found a gold mine!
Warm regards Rene' R. Simons
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Carolynn Joanne Kloosterman from Richmond Hill, Ontario, USA wrote on 25 October 2018:
Hi there, stumbled across your site I was born a Kloosterman, my mom was married to Peter Kloosterman in 1964, I was born and he disappeared...remember seeing him once when I was five years old. Maybe he is part of the Kloosterman family...I would really love to know who my father is. If you have any info I would welcome hearing back from you. Thank-you in advance. Hugs Carolynn
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Carrie Kloosterman Garrison from Kalamazoo, MI USA wrote on 4 October 2018:
Thanks for making this site and all the work you put in! I found out more about my genealogy. So interesting to me! Still trying to correct people over here on how to say our last name - although it isn't even mine anymore! I will always tell them the Dutch pronunciation. 🙂
Have a good day!
Carrie Kloosterman Garrison
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Stephen Richardson from Denver, Aurora, Colorado, USA wrote on 20 September 2018:
What a Wonderful journey you have taken. Thank you so much for sharing your vision of a personal web page and how it can link your thoughts, feelings, experiences in such a moving and touching manner. We are all on our own jouney and Mine has been influenced by meeting you on the web. I am just beginning to find the time to begin my journey. You have set the standard very high.
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Laurel Allison Robson wrote on 6 August 2018:
Thanks for your genealogy website information. My family & historical research is currently on I enjoy the digging or the research.
Best always,
Laurel Allison Robson
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Andrew Yuka O'Callaghan from Denver, Colorado wrote on 2 August 2018:
What an incredible achievement! Vising this site makes me feel as if I am poring through the pages of a great epic novel. Cees, I am truly happy that my grandchild will share your name.
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Keith Bustraan from Charleston, SC, USA wrote on 12 July 2018:
Your site is tremendous! Deep, broad, attractive, and interesting, even if you're not into in genealogy.
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Alva Gouwstra from Vernon, British Columbia wrote on 3 July 2018:
Hi Cees. Your website is awesome, and thank you for sharing it. You have done a tremendous amount of work on this website, including the history and how it applies to your family. Great jog! My grandfather's name is Benne Kloosterman (who has past always) and my mom's name is Grietje and stills lives in Canada.
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Ken Brayton from USA wrote on 9 June 2018:
In Internet years, I am an old-timer. Been around a long time and have looked at a lot of web sites. Your site simply blows me away. Well done. That it is a labor of love shines through on every page. Truly impressive and thanks for sharing it.
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Christine Smallegan from Engalnd wrote on 5 June 2018:
This website has been a tremendous help in my genealogy research. So thorough and so interesting. Thank you.
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Murray Walker from Australia wrote on 11 May 2018:
Hello Cees, and thank you so much for this website...this is exactly what I was looking to do, integrate TNG into Wordpress but have more control over the customization of my website. You have been a tremendous help, as, although I am quite computer/database savvy, there are limitations to that knowledge when it comes to web design, which I am beginning to realise can be quite complex!!

So anyway, I already had my TNG website up and running, but wanted to not be constrained by the templates, plus I wanted to add extra information, much like yours, so here I am..

So I have followed your instructions to the letter, and it is all good, I am in the process of designing my page, and the links to all the TNG webpages works well, complete with the Wordpress headings, etc.

There is only one problem (so far...!!)....and that is I seem to have lost the link to the media thumbnails, indeed the media altogether. When I select the photos to view them (as no thumbnail is showing up), the image doesnt load, and I therefore cant create a thumbnail from the original. Nothing has changed, WP uses the same My SQL database that I had set up for TNG, so what am I doing wrong here?...the links are showing up (there is the usual list of media like on the TNG website), but the media appears to be you have any clues??

Once again, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou...I wouldnt have got this far without your advice on your website...brilliant!!

Murray Walker
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Aaron Mair from Schenectady, New York, USA wrote on 10 March 2018:
Hi Cees,

I am beginning my journey to create a family genealogy site using TNG and WordPress. I totally love your seamless and beautiful deployment of these two tools. To the point, HOW did you do this? Any assistance and kind notes of guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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