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This album was recorded during two live concerts on July 31 and August 1, 1991 at the Grand Opera House in Belfast. It gives a nice sample of the Chieftains current live music. It shows how they can mix traditional Irish music with a country singer from Texas, Nanci Griffith and a former rock star, Roger Daltrey. This album has several medleys and the last track features a solo by each Chieftain and Nanci Griffith. It also has Roger Daltrey do Any Old Iron an English folk song. This cut is an interesting one, in which, if you listen closely you may hear Paddy and the boys join in
Year: 1992
Label: BMG (RCA)
The Players:

  • Martin Fay: fiddle
  • Seán Keane: fiddle
  • Kevin Conneff: bodhr&aacuten & vocals
  • Matt Molloy: flute
  • Paddy Moloney: uilleann pipes and tin whistle
  • Derek Bell: harp, tiompan, and keyboards
  • Nanci Griffith: guitar and vocals
  • Roger Daltrey: vocals
  • Billy Nichols: vocals
  • Dave Early: drums
  • Clive Cuthbertson: bass
  • Jean Butler: traditional Irish dancer


  1. Opening Medley
  2. North Americay

    (Phrase’s alternate between low and high every two lines.)
    Ye lovers all both great and small
    Who dwell in Ireland
    Oh I pray you pay attention
    hilst I my pen command
    It was my father’s anger
    That drove my love away
    But I still have hopes
    We’ll meet again in North Americay

    My love he was fair and handsome
    And to him I gave my heart
    Ah but little was our notion
    That we would ever part
    It was in my father’s garden
    That this flower it did decay
    But I still have hopes twill bloom again
    In North Americay

    Now I did not want for money
    Kind fortune on me shone
    So out of my father’s castle
    I took 300 pounds
    It was in the town of Belfast
    My passage I did pay
    And then set sail across the sea
    To far Americay

    Now the captain’s wife was kind to me
    As you may understand
    And she kept me in her cabin
    Until we reached dry land
    It was in the town of Quebec
    We landed on the cay
    But I knew not where to seek my love
    In all Americay

    Now I being sick and sore and tired
    Well I went into an inn
    And it was there I found my William
    The lad I loved within
    He took me gently by the hand
    And to me he did say
    Oh I never thought I’d see your face
    In North Americay

    Now I hear this couple has got wed
    As you may understand
    And I hear they live quite happily
    In a town they call St. Johns
    And the money that she took from home
    Well in gold she paid it down
    And they think no more of Ireland
    Nor Enniskillen town.

    Thanks to Tom Seck for transcribing the lyrics.

  3. Lilly Bolero
    The White Cockade
  4. Little Love Affairs
  5. Red Is the Rose
  6. The Mason’s Apron
  7. The Stone
  8. Miscellany
  9. Raglan Road
  10. Behind Blue Eyes
  11. Medley
  12. Damhsa
  13. Rachamid a Bhean Bheag