Jim Brannigan is a Scottish Folk Singer and Entertainer
and plays “for over 20 years before North American audiences.
Jim is a master of his art – a troubadour with a voice of pure silver.

Jim has been described as a master of his craft, a modern day bard and a troubadour with a voice of pure silver. He accompanies himself on Tenor Guitar, Tenor Banjo and Irish Bouzouki and draws from a huge repertoire of Irish and Scottish folk songs. Jim brings a performance which is pleasing to any room. His soft brogue and sweet singing voice make him a favourite wherever he goes and no opportunity to hear a live performance should ever be missed.

Scottish Folk Singer Jim Brannigan has recently to Vancouver Island following four years of playing and living on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island where he quickly became a favourite with tourists and locals alike. Jim has been entertaining North American audiences with his own unique style since 1979 and is held in very high regard by others in the entertainment world. He has three albums to his credit; “The Singing Bird”, “The Hills of Margaree” & “Troubadour”.

His concert consists of mainly Celtic Folk songs, (he is a Scot, though of Irish stock) and some Canadian and Australian & American folk songs as well as a steady flow of Brannigan humour and some of his own musical compositions. Jim Brannigan has played coffee houses, concerts, house concerts, folk festivals, hotels, lodges, pubs, lounges, clubs, cafe’s, restaurants, markets and fairs and is well known for his ability to interact with the audience. He keeps a very busy schedule and has toured coast to coast many times. Now that he is back and living in the Highlands outside of Victotria, Jim is determined to play in as many BC & Alberta communities as he possibly can

When not on tour he makes his home in Victoria on Vancouver Island where he can frequently be found playing at some of the many local venues. His repertoire includes an abundance of Scottish and Irish drinking songs and sea shanties and an endless stream of traditional songs and ballads as well as many of the works of our modern day poets. Jim is a passionate performer who loves to play and it shows. More recently he has received much attention for his own writing ability.

His most popular composition being “The Hills Of Margaree”, a tender love song which has quickly become a favourite among his many followers on Cape Breton Island. He takes genuine delight in bantering back and forth with his audience, telling jokes and tales and singing songs. Some with rousing choruses and others, heartfelt ballads. Audience participation is an absolute must and frequently the audience can be heard singing the final chorus entirely unaccompanied. Jim has an excellent voice and a remarkable sense of humour.

You won’t find a finer entertainer than Brannigan. Celtic to the core, his repertoire includes an abundance of fine Scottish and Irish drinking songs and sea shanties, and an endless stream of traditional ballads. Included as well are many of the works of our modern day poets, such as Tommy Makem, Gordon Bok and Eric Bogle. He’s no slouch when it comes to Yeats, either, reciting his favourite poems from memory.Audiences are frequently spellbound as Jim, often drawing from his own experiences, weaves his way through cheerful anecdotes and thoughtful introductions in such a manner that one can’t help but feel the full impact of each song. He is also quite the accomplished comedian, and frequently banters with his audience before bursting into song again.

As well as being a superb entertainer, Jim has an excellent voice, and accompanies himself on tenor guitar, occasionally switching over to tenor banjo for variety. The result is a concert that could best be described as an emotional roller coaster, with all of its twists and turns, peaks and valleys, and leaving you to wander home with a Brannigan tune spinning around inside your head.

Jim Brannigan is an old fashioned troubadour, a modern day bard, and one of the finest entertainers around. He is a performer who knows how to hold an audience and his warmth and sincerity have made him a favourite among folk enthusiasts wherever he goes.

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